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Here at Smile Cliniq, we use white ceramic brackets from leading dental company 3M Unitek so you can be assured of the quality and much less noticeable properties of these brackets. Fixed ceramic braces are glued to the teeth with the wires connected to help reposition the teeth, offering a quick, efficient and comfortable alternative. As well as fixed ceramic braces, there is the option to have functional braces that are removable and attached to the top and bottom teeth. This can help correct the bite and overall facial profile when successful.

We recommend these with growing patients, such as children, as this will work with natural growth especially if it seems future issues may be apparent such as sticking out front teeth. This would also normally be followed by a short treatment of fixed ceramic braces to straighten teeth after the bite has been resolved. Retainers are provided to all patients due to the fact teeth try to move back to their original position at the end of orthodontic treatment.

These can either be removable plastic mouthguards that are worn at night or also the option of a permanent retainer which is glued to the teeth, holding them in position. Again, this is different for each individual and will be detailed during the initial consultation for ceramic braces. We also promote that good hygiene is maintained, especially if you decide to go for ceramic braces treatment. We want you to have a pleasant experience during the entirety of your treatment and keeping a good level of hygiene is a must in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease.

Because ceramic braces, like all orthodontics, are attached to the teeth it can be more difficult to keep the teeth clean. We recommend regular hygiene check-ups and use of a fluoride mouthwash to help give the best chance of avoiding any developing issues. To see a list of prices for our orthodontic treatment including ceramic braces, see our fees guide. You can either book online or contact us directly for further information including booking an appointment. Any braces, aligners and other oral devices take time to get used to.

Initially, it feels uncomfortable, with hyper- or hypo- salivation common, and a small lisp can be present, this usually disappears after a few days. The biggest risks with any orthodontic treatment are decay and gum disease developing. As when wearing any oral device, dentures, braces, aligners, retainers, it is more difficult to clean the teeth and gums. This can cause decay and gum disease, so it is imperative to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

It is often recommended to attend more regularly for hygiene appointments, use a fluoride mouthwash and spend extra time cleaning the teeth during orthodontic treatment. Please see here for further information on maintaining good oral hygiene. Small interdental brushes are particularly good for cleaning between the braces and teeth. Over time these can wear down or de-bond and they may need replacing, extra fees will be due when and if they need replacing. Website by Digimax Dental. Choose your branch Finchley St Johns Wood.

Your Name. Your Email. Mobile Number. If required times are not available please call us for more appointment availability, after making the deposit payment.

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For more information read our Deposit Payment Policy. Ceramic Braces. Highly recommended. After my filling fell out on Sunday night, I was distraught. But I phoned the Cliniq in the morning and got an appointment for the same morning.

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Dr Kaher put me at ease, even though I was very anxious, and did an amazing job on my I was having issues with a tooth and Dr Sarita Kotecha was brilliant. Solved my dental issue quickly and explained everything in a way that made me actually enjoy the appointment!!

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They were able to squeeze me in last minute too. MyDentalIreland six month clear braces is the best thingI've ever done.

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  • MyDental is a full-spectrum dental practice offering the most modern and advanced treatments in functional and cosmetic dentistry. With a commitment to offering an exceptional dental service at an exceptional price, our state-of-the-art purpose-built dental clinic in Dublin 4 offers a relaxed and friendly solution to all your dental needs.

    You can spread the costs over three, six or nine months, offering you maximum flexibility when it comes to payment. Please ask at Reception for details. Cherrywood Medical Centre Dublin Teeth In A Day. Root canal. Morning Afternoon Evening. Orthodontic Treatments. Invisalign Open Day.

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    Get the perfect smile with Invisalign and MyDental. To register your interest please email Bookings mydental. Specialist Orthodontic Treatment. What is Orthodontics?

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    What is Invisalign TM? How Does Invisalign Work? How does a 6 month braces system work? How Does it Work? With Quickbraces our Short-term Orthodontics , a typical treatment period is six months, which is a major improvement on the years it may take with more traditional methods used by Orthodontists. Are braces suitable for everyone?

    Are braces Suitable For Everyone? How Are They So Affordable? What should I expect during my braces treatment?

    How do I take care of my braces? Taking Care of Your Braces You may experience some very mild discomfort for the first few days after having your braces fitted, but this will quickly pass. Braces Consultation, Book Now! Thank you MyDentalIreland for seeing me so quickly and looking after me so well as usual toothache. I'm not even kidding. Thanks MyDentalIreland!