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With twists and turns along the way, it will be hard to find your way! Challenge your friends to our scavenger hunt, grab your punch card, and search for the punch stations hidden throughout the maze. If you complete all, your master maze status leaves you with new bragging rights and a lucky prize! No worries, we get it. Dueling tower slides that are scary fast! Race your friends down 60 feet of darkness and see who reaches the end of the tunnel first. This attraction is a birthday party favorite and loads of fun for spectators to enjoy as well.

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Nicknamed after our third daughter, this petting zoo is full of fuzzy and fluffy farm animals. Eager for a little healthy competition? Jump aboard a pedal cart and challenge your family or friends to a lap or two around our speedway with twists and turns to maneuver. Karts are available for all ages with a separate track for the little ones. Skinny Bones owner, Jeff we call him Jeffy , has been growing pumpkins since he was just about the size of….

We believe that the backbone of our farm is the patch and we hope you think so too. Take a break from the busyness of life! Experience fall with a hayrack ride that takes you out to the pumpkin patch. Rest with your group next to a nice fire, with two picnic tables provided! Available by reservation only, contact us to reserve a bonfire.

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Visit pricing for more information. Our spooktacular face painters will put fun and creative designs on your little ghouls or goblins. Ready for a wild adventure full of hair-raising excitement? Legend has it that a tornado hit the farm in that never really left. All becomes a mystery when you step into this slanted building. Let your kids hop on a cow cart and "moo" their way around the cow trail.

The ride is suitable for small children up to 85lbs. Reserved seating with two picnic tables, we supply the wood and our staff will start your fire. We recommend maximum 50 people per bonfire. For larger groups needing more than one bonfire, please request bonfires next to each other at time of reservation. Bonfires are by reservation only, please contact us to reserve a bonfire. There is a no refund policy, but may be switched to a different date permitting in our season, due to severe weather.

There is a NO alcohol policy. Friday from 6PMPM. Navigate your way through the giant corn maze with the help of your flashlight! Bring your own flashlight or buy one in our gift shop. This is a popular night for families! Saturday from 6PMPM. Enter if you dare! Scarers move through the giant corn maze, anxiously awaiting their next victim. No flashlights allowed. We would both get 20 cents off per gallon of gas.

GetUpside is a great app. Use promo code Jason on signup for an extra 20 cents per gallon off your first fill up. Loving this app! Plus when you refer and your referral refers, you earn money and bonusea on your next fillup too! I love this app for saving on gas. I used code WFM8U when signing up and filled up this morning. Very quick turnaround. Here you have a valid Getupside Promo Code.

It will help me as well but you will save 15c per gallon. Just started trying this app, seems like a gas version of Ibotta. My code is WFM8U, use it in the promo code section when you first sign up and we both get a bonus savings.

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Go to your Profile by clicking the 3 lines on top left this is iOS, maybe different in Android and selecting Profile option. Enter this promo code: WFM8U and done!

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Next fill up will cost you less. Give it a try. There are very few gas stations and no grocery stores or restaurants. The person giving it will get a one time 20 cents off per gal and thereafter 0. Use my code BRYAN for an extra 20 cents per gallon off your first purchase plus the already given rebate. Thank you so much, Sincerely, Laura Stann.

Merrick Dog food is sourced and made all in the United States! Made in USA. The breeder recommended it. Excellent choice, Leslie. Liked it so much, I became a rep myself. The formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks is also a holistic vet and puts a lot of thought care into its ingredients. Seems like a lot of reputable breeders and dog care experts recommend it to their clients. Fromm has my business hello Wisconsin. My Vet just advised me to take my dog off Blue Buffalo… Said he had several dogs that did not respond well to that brand.

Fromm also has some nice treats like their Salmon or Parmesan Cheese ones. Royal Canin is what our vet has placed our dogs on.

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One of them has developed pancreatitis and is now recovering quite well with the royal canin gastrointestinal. How sad that pets had to die because of bad food or treats for them. Even though I am a hardcore label reader, it never occurred to me to read the COO on animal food. Thank you for opening my eyes! Just learned from my sister that her beautiful 5yr old yellow lab wasd diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure from what the vet feels is chicken jerky made in USA that was given to her one daily last 4 months.

This dog is like a child to her as she cannot have children. Breaks my heart she will probably lose her dog in a year or less.

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This makes me so mad as I have two dogs as well and try to do my best buying quality food! They were made by someone in the U. I have been scouring the web for weeks searching for Smokehouse chicken breast strips, made in USA. They also have a cheaper version with ingredients from china or sourced. They are much cheaper. Has there ever been anything list from this company? My dogs have been eating them for a while with no problems I can relate back to. I would appreciate any feedback.

I am considering cutting them out altogether. Thanks for your help. Etta Says! Louis, MO, is another great firm that provides all-American treats, and my dogs love them. They make some shaped ones in china but they have special american ones which i get her, but they say american beefhide but assembled in mexico so would that be safe? Thanks for your blog post. That section is marked on our website with a large red, white and blue paw print. Greenies has vitamins from China. The important thing to do is to call the manufacturer to find out where the ingredients are sourced from.

If you call Hills Science Diet company that most conventional vets prescribe , ask if any of the ingredients are sourced from China. I did.

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It is quite disappointing. She only had a few out of bag went things went wrong. She was having seizure after seizure and then they wouldnt stop and for a 4 pound little dog thats hard. I never knew the bones were from China. So why do they keep selling them and why isnt someone being held responsible for the pets lost because of this.. With the dog food poisoning years ago, the dog food was actually manufactured in the USA but included wheat gluten sourced from China. My dogs ShihTzu.. Yorkie…love a good chewy…ive about given up.

Please help…they are picky.. Ordered horns…then realized they could shatter their teeth. And with single ingredient treats made of fish there is no guessing what you are feeding your pet. This is sooo important! Both treats and toys made out of country can be dangerous and sometimes deadly. I have seen some horrible things about China made. All of these products sound terrific! You should get your fact straight! It is not a Chinese company. The food additive and preservative industries are huge in China, and American food manufacturers are their best customers.

After the whole melamine tragedy, I was so angry I decided to ban China from my entire kitchen—ie. Plus anything else food related or not that we can do without. On principle. But would you believe that NO other country in the world makes a smooth-edge can opener?!

Even had a setter who once found a tin on a beach and immediately got her tongue pinched between the sharp lid and the can. I was searching for good treats for my new pup. I have always bought cloud Star for my other dog due to their ingredients list and how they proudly state Made in the USA. They are all natural and grain free. This company makes all natural products for dogs, cats, and ferrets.

I purchased Boots and Barkley rawhide form Target because the price was so much cheaper. My dogs vomited after eating them. I thought it was random, so I tried a 2nd time. Same result.